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In the last issue, Straight Answers reflected on the gift of the Holy Spirit identified as fear of the Lord. Recall that fear of the Lord is a profound reverence for Almighty God, which motivates us … more
In the June 5 issue of the Catholic Herald, we introduced the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are first imparted at baptism and then fully given at confirmation. We must not underestimate these … more
Q: I received the sacrament of confirmation as an adult this past Easter Vigil Mass in my parish. Although I know that I received the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, we never really discussed them in … more
Q: I understand that objects of devotion that have been blessed (such as palm branches, rosaries, crucifixes, etc.) should never be simply discarded in the trash, but should be disposed of by burying … more
Q: We often hear mentioned how President Reagan helped to bring down the Soviet Union. Shouldn’t Pope John Paul II also be given credit? (Purcellville) A: Pope (now St.) John Paul II should … more
Q: A priest told me that receiving Holy Communion forgives venial sin, and I only need to go to confession if I am in a state of mortal sin. Is this correct? Years ago, we were told that you had to … more
Q: The celebration of St. Joseph’s feast day prompted me to ask: How old was St. Joseph when Jesus was born? Every year, I receive Christmas cards, and some depict him as a very old man and others … more
This is the second of two columns on Lenten holy days and traditions. The fourth Sunday of Lent marks the midpoint and is called “Laetare Sunday,” from the words of the introit, Laetare … more
Over the years, I have been asked various questions about the terminology and practices of Lent, like “Where do ashes come from?” or “What is Maundy Thursday?” As Lent approaches, we will … more
Q: I read where Pope Francis had the relics of St. Peter placed on public display for veneration during the Mass of Christ the King in November. Do we really have the relics of St. Peter? Where are … more
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