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    The Saint Pio Foundation honors Sen. Rick and Karen Santorum, Msgr. John Enzler

    St. Lawrence Parish celebrates golden anniversary

    O'Connell choir sings background vocals for headliner Eric Church

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    Pope goes door to door, blessing the homes of the poor

    New website tells story of Fr. Stanley Rother, U.S. priest to be beatified

    Anti-death penalty activist says she wrestled with issue and 'God won'

  • Catholic Living

    Green, simple, zero waste living for local Catholics

    Former lobbyist examines Virginia's 'extremes'

    How the Catholic Church determines a true Marian apparition

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    Keeping cradle Catholics in the church

    It's all about Jesus

    In light of faith


    Keeping cradle Catholics in the church

    What about Peter?

    Telling the story of the Arlington Diocese

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    A patron saint for mental health

    Single but not alone

    Can a man born out of wedlock become a priest?

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    Sanctuary gets a splash of color