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  • How to submit an event:

    Events may be emailed to events@catholicherald.com; mailed to the Catholic Herald, 200 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22203; or faxed to 703/524-2782.  

    Publication is not guaranteed and events within the diocese are given preference.

    Local Senior Centers:

    Arlington Mill, 909 S. Dinwiddie St., Arlington  
    Aurora Hills, 735 S. 18th St., Arlington
    Langston-Brown, 2121 N. Culpeper St., Arlington
    Lee, 5722 Lee Hwy., Arlington  
    Madison, 3829 N. Stafford St., Arlington

    Prince William Senior Center-Manassas, 9320 Mosby St., Manassas

    Prince William Senior Center-Woodbridge, 13850 Church Hill Dr., Woodbridge
    St. Martin de Porres, 4650 Taney Ave., Alexandria
    Walter Reed, 2909 S. 16th St., Arlington

    Arlington’s five 55+ centers are closed, however, virtual programs and outdoor programs are available and open to all residents 55 years of age and older. Residents must pre-register to receive a link to the virtual programs and the outdoor programs. Register at registration.arlingtonva.us or by calling 703/228-4747, option 3.

    55+ Programs are virtual. A 55+ Membership is required to attend ($20 annual fee). Learn more at parks.arlingtonva.us (search 55+ member). To join or register, go to registration.arlingtonva.us or call 703-228-4747. 

    55+ Programs are virtual or outdoors. A 55+ Membership is needed to participate ($20 annual fee). To join or register, go to registration.arlingtonva.us or call 703/228-4747.

    July 7

    Open Mic, hosted by musician Carl Gold, online, 1:30 p.m. Registration #914802-07.

    July 8

    “The Dig,” movie discussion, 3 p.m. Registration #914402-05.

    July 9

    Line Dance in the Park, easy for beginners, Virginia Highlands Plaza, 1600 S. Hayes St., 10 a.m. Registration #914100-03.

    July 12

    Tai Chi Practice, with experienced volunteers, Virginia Highlands Plaza, 1600 S. Hayes St., 10 a.m. Registration # 914105-17.

    July 13

    Virtual Piano Lounge, listen, sing, play along with Valerie Welsh, 2 p.m. Registration #914802-03.

    Safe Online Activities, 1 p.m. Registration #914400-28.

    July 14

    Cancer and Nutrition, program presented by Cynthia Chol, registered dietician, Virginia Hospital Center, 1 p.m.  Registration #914500-12.

    The Study of Words, phrases, expressions, 10:30 a.m. Registration #914402-17.

    July 15

    Understanding Medicare Enrollment, presented by Marge Steinlage, Steinlage Insurance Agency, 1 p.m.  Registration #914500-11.

    African American Genealogy Research, 3 p.m. Registration #914400-05.

    July 16

    Aurora Hills Fast-paced Walking Group, 8:30 a.m., two- to three-mile loop, some hills. Registration #914201-03.

    Favorite Soups, salads, dressings, 3 p.m. Registration #914501-03.

    July 19

    Garden and Landscaping Issues, send questions and photos ahead of time to mgarlalex@gmail.com, 1 p.m. Registration #914400-30.

    Family Heirlooms, how to decide which to keep, 1 p.m. Registration # 914401-01.

    Morning Meet-up, with fellow 55+ members, 10 a.m. Registration # 914801-06.

    Outdoor Needlecraft, with fellow 55+ members, Virginia Highlands Park, 1600 S. Hayes St., 10 a.m. Registration # 914703-25.

    Tai Chi Practice, with experienced volunteers, Virginia Highlands Plaza, 1600 S. Hayes St., 10 a.m. Registration # 914105-18.

    July 20

    Tai Chi Practice, with experienced volunteers, Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 2501 S. 2nd St., 10 a.m. Registration # 914105-06.

    55+ Live! Talk Show, preview of upcoming programs for adults 55+, noon. Registration # 914801-16.

    Peace Corps 60th Anniversary Celebration, presented by Barry Hillenbrand, former TIME magazine correspondent, 1:30 p.m. Registration # 914400-17.

    July 21

    Acoustic Hour Online, music from the 1950s-present, performed live, 1 p.m. Registration # 914400-06.

    Advanced Health Directives, why they are necessary, presented by Ed Zetlin, Elder Law attorney, 11 a.m. Registration #914400-26.

    Genealogy Group, discusses challenges in researching family histories, 3 p.m. Registration # 914402-27.

    July 22

    Sudoku Games, all levels welcome, 2 p.m. Registration # 914601-05.

    Genealogy Research, learn how to use WWI and WWII draft registration cards for information, 3 p.m. Registration # 914400-06.

    July 23

    Downsizing Tips, presented by Chris Lamar, realtor, 11 am. Registration # 914400-23.

    Line Dancing, easy for beginners, Virginia Highlands Plaza, 1600 S. Hayes St. 10 a.m. Registration # 914100-04.