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Bishop Burbidge On National Vocation Awareness Week

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Each year, National Vocation Awareness Week serves as a reminder that God continues to call people to explore the plans he has for them. Our 50 seminarians, along with the 75 men and women in formation for religious life, bear witness to this truth.


This year’s theme comes from the prophet Jeremiah (29:11): “For I know the plans I have for you.” As we celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week (Nov. 1-7), it is inspiring to contemplate that God, our Creator, knows each of us personally and has a plan for our lives. 


The most important calling we have is to our vocation: marriage, the priesthood, consecrated life, diaconate, or some other path. To my dear friends in Christ discerning their vocation, I encourage you to focus on using your talents at the service of the Lord to become more like him and bring him to others. If you live more closely to Our Lord, in prayer and service, his will for your life will become clearer. 


For those who have committed to a particular vocation, I pray that each morning you are enthused and energized in the great opportunity you have to demonstrate to the world God’s goodness and love. I pray that your vocation enriches you, draws you closer to Christ, and evangelizes a world in need of the fulfillment found only in him. 


Brothers and sisters, I also ask that you pray for our diocese, that God will continue sending priestly vocations to serve in this local vineyard. We are blessed with 50 seminarians; however, the needs of our diocese are ever growing. Your prayers are invaluable in helping young men hear the call of Our Lord and respond with courage and confidence.


During this National Vocation Awareness Week, I hope that, with the Lord’s grace, you cultivate a spirit of gratitude toward God for his plans for your life, no matter your vocation. Through our commitment to prayer, holiness, and virtue, may we each find the path of holiness to which God calls us and live that life in abundant grace and in a manner worthy of the call you have received. 


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