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Bishop Burbidge's Statement on National Migration Week (Sept. 20 – 26, 2021)

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This week, the Catholic Church in the United States observes National Migration Week, culminating in our Sunday observance of the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. This year’s observance is particularly poignant as our nation opens its arms to refugees from around the world, particularly Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan, who are fleeing violence and oppression. 

The week provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the difficult and often heart-breaking circumstances confronting so many migrants, including refugees, immigrants, and victims and survivors of human trafficking. 

Pope Francis has announced the theme, "Toward an Ever Wider 'We.' " This theme reminds us that those who are forced to leave their homeland in search of safety or basic sustenance are part of the ‘we’ that makes up our whole human family. Let us prayerfully and earnestly seek to serve these new neighbors so we may grow closer to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Visit your parish website and Catholic Charities website at ccda.net to find out how you can help build a welcoming community.

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