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Bishop Burbidge's statement on the National Day of Prayer

As we pause today, May 3, to offer a National Day of Prayer, we reflect upon this year’s theme: Pray for AmericaUNITY. The concept is so easy to appreciate, yet so difficult to achieve, and we can only do so with God’s grace. At this moment in our history, in our nation and our communities, we pray for the eradication of every form of prejudice, bigotry and racism. We pray that the dignity of all human persons will be respected, including the unborn, the poor, the refugee, and the marginalized. 

We pray for the end of violence and rage that permeates far too many corners of society. We pray for the safety of our country, for those who protect it and for those who govern or are elected to serve our citizens, that God may give them the grace to lead with integrity, courage and conviction.

This National Day of Prayer should only be the beginning. It should transform into a week, a month, a year and to an entire internal devotion, with each person using prayer to draw closer to Our Lord. Therefore, may we commit to making every day a day of prayer, and pray with one voice: God bless America.

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