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Earnest fact-based drama, set in 2007, in which an inexperienced Protestant Army chaplain (Justin Bruening) finds his pastoral skills, the stability of his marriage (to Sarah Drew) and even his faith tested when he's assigned to care for a unit deployed on the dangerous outskirts of Baghdad. He helps to make one comrade (Jason George) a better husband, another (Skye P. Marshall) a more active mom and guides a third (Tanner Stine) from skepticism to belief. But his experiences of battle and loss leave him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and increasingly alienated from his family. Though perhaps more admirable than engaging, director and co-writer David G. Evans' film effectively conveys the experience of many servicemen and women during and after their time in Iraq or Afghanistan while also presenting the portrait of a strong and durable marriage and sincerely exploring issues of doubt among the faithful. Besides scenes of fighting integral to the story, the script includes little to which parents could object.


Watch out for: Stylized combat violence with minimal gore, mature themes and references to an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.


Rated: A-II, adults and adolescents; MPAA: PG-13


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