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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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A well-behaved vampire (Robert Pattinson) and an equally courtly werewolf (Taylor Lautner) overcome their natural antipathy and temporarily unite to protect the teen mortal (Kristen Stewart) they both love from the threat posed by a vengeance-driven bloodsucker (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her plasma-hungry minions. Director David Slade's third installment in the hugely popular Gothic romance franchise - based on the best-selling novels of Stephenie Meyer - draws on self-referential humor to leaven its potentially ridiculous, and occasionally over-familiar, proceedings as it ramps up the mostly bloodless supernatural battling, but shifts the basis of the main couple's chaste interaction from a matter of constraint to one of choice.

Watch out for: Considerable stylized violence, an off-screen rape, a scene of nongraphic sensuality, a birth control reference and a few mildly crass terms.

Rated: A-II; MPAA: PG-13

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