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Christendom launches 40th anniversary year with record enrollment

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Christendom College in Front Royal launched its 40th anniversary year with a new record enrollment, raising the total student body to 494 students. College President Timothy O’Donnell made the announcement during his opening address to the student body, encouraging them to strive for greatness during this upcoming year.

“As a noble warrior on the field of battle, Jesus beckons you to stand with Him and to dare to be great,” said O’Donnell. “You can be great if you do that through Him, with Him and in Him. Let us strive to do that, and if we do that, together we can have a great year as we begin, yet again, to restore all things in Christ.”

The student body of 494 includes 155 new students, including transfers, re-admitted students and first-time freshmen. With the new growth and increasing retention rates, the college grew in enrollment numbers by 3.6 percent this year — well above the national average for institutions of higher education. Since 2012, the college has grown by 27 percent, all at a time when most colleges are seeing a decline in their enrollments.

“Year after year, we’re astounded at the record-breaking number of students coming to Christendom,” said director of admissions Sam Phillips. “While other colleges are struggling to fill their classrooms, we are able to recruit the brightest and the best — with this year’s class having the highest average SAT score (1240) in over a decade. This burning desire to become a part of Christendom is a testament to our authentically Catholic liberal arts education and to the popularity of our vibrant culture and community.”

O’Donnell laid out the details of the campus improvements during his address, where he also announced the events to mark the school’s 40th anniversary, including a special academic convocation and fireworks spectacular in September, and Father Robert Spitzer, Janet Smith and Anthony Esolen for the college’s major speakers series.


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