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Catholic Singer Dana Nominated for President of Ireland

Dana, the Catholic singer who won the hearts and souls of American youth at World Youth Day in Denver in 1993, has been nominated for president of Ireland. She is the first person receiving the necessary approval of either four Irish county councils or 20 national lawmakers guaranteeing her nomination to the presidency. Dana, born Rosemary Brown, returned to Ireland in mid-August trying to succeed Mary Robinson, the current Irish president, who will soon become the UN Commissioner for Human Rights. The presidency was a non-political symbolic position until Robinson was elected in 1990. She became outspoken on social issues. The political process leading up to the election requires the nomination process to take place between Sept. 15 and 30 with the election on Oct. 30. Dana was nominated by receiving the backing of four counties: Donegal, Wicklow, Kerry and Longford. The singer became internationally famous as a teenager by stunning Europe in winning the 1970 Eurovision song competition with "All Kinds of Everything." This started a singing career which moved to this side of the Atlantic in the early 90s establishing herself and a fixture of U.S. Catholic television on Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The Irish press initially reported her candidacy as a joke, "cooked up by a bored news editor," but Dana took her pursuit of the candidacy seriously. The Daily Telegram featured her in a story titled, "Dana’s mission — to save Ireland." They reported that after seeing what had "befallen America," she was returning to prevent that from happening to her beloved Ireland. The Sunday Mirror asked, "What’s a nice girl like Dana doing in a tough game like politics?" They ended their story by saying that Dana would be singing for the pope in Paris and "perhaps she will ask him to put in a good work with The Boss….(But then) maybe she won’t need the help of the Almighty. She’s doing very nicely by herself." One reported indicate that "it is worth pointing out that she has been in politics for one week and we know her views on abortion. (Some political parties) have been in the game for 70 years and they are still refusing to say." The same report indicated that "not only is she ridiculed but at every press conference she gives; she is asked to sing." Dana is adamantly against abortion. She often says, "Abortion kills a child, wounds a mother and it kills the soul of the people." She calls it "one of the worse violations of a woman." The ironic part of her rise in status in Ireland is that her initial group of advisors were her husband, sister, mother and a few friends. While in Paris with her family at World Youth Day, her husband, Damien, commented on press reports in Ireland indicating that she had a group of "minders, a public relations team, and shadowy figures" managing her camapign. He told Dana’s close friend, Father John Cregan, pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Alexandria, to look around the table. "You are looking at them," he said. Her entire platform for the presidency is reduced to a simple concept, "You’ve only got two choices of ultimate power in any country," she says. "It’s either God or the government and, personally, I’d rather plump for God." Copyright ?1997 Arlington Catholic Herald, Inc. All rights reserved.

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