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Catholic Herald wins 34 awards at Catholic Media Conference

An embarrassment of riches.

As three of us from the Arlington Catholic Herald sat at the Catholic Press Association's awards dinner last Friday night, that's what it felt like as our name was announced over and over and over again.

Some 34 times, we heard "Arlington Catholic Herald," from honorable mentions, to second- and third-place honors, to several first-place listings, and to the "best in show" - the coveted General Excellence award.

Exhilarating, flattering and a bit embarrassing, our hoots and applause began to soften around award number 15.

A record number of awards for the Catholic Herald in a given year, more importantly, it's acknowledgement of what went into each offering - each article, photo, video, ad, headline.

Here's an inside look at that process.

Most assignments start in a weekly editorial staff meeting, where we go through diocesan calendars and emailed story suggestions, and we brainstorm. Assignments emerge and reporters start their work, photographs and videos are planned, events are covered, notes emerge, articles take shape, the editors collaborate, the layout and design process begins, proofreading becomes a priority, ads are created, pages are finalized and sent to the printer.

Just a few hours later those slightly damp newspapers are on their way to churches, newspaper boxes and homes. The digital process begins with stories, photos and videos uploaded to the website. The e-newsletter is produced. Social media takes off at breakneck speed with tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest and YouTube offerings flowing into the cyber world of trending topics and unique stories being shared globally.

A staff of slightly more than a dozen makes all this happen. From the front desk, to circulation, to the advertising department, to graphics/production, social media and the editorial department, we all share in the mission of telling the story of the diocese through inspiring, relevant, thought-provoking words and images.

This year, impressively, each Catholic Herald department was recognized, including each and every content provider. We didn't expect it, but we sure do appreciate it. (See sidebar list.)

We work day in and day out to share this story, to inform you, to inspire you, to encourage you to act on your faith, to give you the news you need (and won't find elsewhere), to refresh your faith practices, and to be your only local reliable source of Catholic news - local, national and international.

It's our mission, call it ministry, to keep you foremost in our minds as we approach every day, every tweet, every parish event. It's our privilege to share with you the latest quote or heartwarming photo from the pope. It's our duty to challenge you to action in the work of our faith.

We don't do it for praise or personal profit; we don't do it to preach. We do it because we think it's vital to an active, effective and well-informed community.

Thank you for allowing us into your parishes, schools and homes, and maybe even occasionally, into your hearts.

Augherton can be reached at aaugherton@catholicherald.com


Best electronic newsletter

Second place, "Catholic Herald eEdition," by Mary Stachyra Lopez (Sign up here)

Individual excellence, writer

Second place, Katie Scott

Individual excellence, videographer/video producer

Honorable mention, Ashleigh Buyers

Best news writing originating with the paper on a local or regional event

Second place, "Mega boda," by Ann M. Augherton

Honorable mention, "Showing love, one load at a time," by Zoey DiMauro

Best news writing originating with the paper on national or international event

Honorable mention, "In the center ring," by Dave Borowski

Best in-depth news/special reporting

First place, "Small lives, big heartbreak," by Katie Scott

Honorable mention, "Out of the shadows," by Katie Scott

And "Organs are key," by Katie Scott

Best reporting on children and teens

Second place, "The sweet life," by Ashleigh Buyers and Mary Witko

Best feature photo story originating with a newspaper

First place, "Night in Bethlehem," by Joe Cashwell

Best sports photo story originating with a newspaper

First place, "Cardinals make a big splash," by Joe Cashwell

Second place, "Beautiful day on the water," by Joe Cashwell

Third place, "Right through the uprights," by Joe Cashwell

Best general news photo

Honorable mention, "Bishop opens the Holy Door," by Dave Borowski

Best multiple sports picture package originating with a paper

Honorable mention, "A razor-thin win," by Gerald Martineau

Best use of art or graphics

Second place, "10 green gifts," by Stacy Rausch and Katie Scott

Best use of art or graphics: best original illustration

First place, "Three kings," by Ashleigh Buyers

Best column on family life

Third place, by Elizabeth Foss

Best headline

Third place, "If you fry it, they will come," by Ashleigh Buyers

Best regular special supplement

Honorable mention, "Graduation," by Catholic Herald staff

Best special supplement on a bishop

Second place, "Bishop's anniversary," by Catholic Herald staff

Best seasonal issue

Third place, "Christmas," by Catholic Herald staff

Best coverage of a routine, sacramental event

First place, "Carrying Christ," by Katie Scott

Second place, "In service to the church," by Julia Willis and Joe Cashwell

Best coverage of vocations to the priesthood, religious life or diaconate

First place, "In service to the church," by Julia Willis and Joe Cashwell

Best coverage of consecrated life

Second place, "A praying heart in the diocese"; "Holy stewards of the earth"; "St. Paul's mission with new media," by Ashleigh Buyers

Best coverage of immigration

Honorable mention, "Coverage of Immigration," by Dave Borowski

Best coverage of the Year of Mercy

Third place, "Our Holy Door"; "Spiritual, Corporal Works of Mercy"; "Parishes make 'mercy our paradigm,'" by Dave Borowski, Ashleigh Buyers and Katie Scott

General excellence

First place, by Catholic Herald staff


Best single ad originating with the publication, color

First place, "Calling all WWII veterans," by David Garcia

Best ad copywriting

Third place, "Teaching Catholicism to Capitalists," by Narguess Moasser and Beariz Lopez, Catholic U. ad

Best local retail campaign originating with the publication

Third place, "Paschal Lamb," by Ashleigh Buyers

Honorable mention, "Irish Walk," by Ashleigh Buyers

Best promotional house ad

Second place, "Follow the Pope with us!" by Ashleigh Buyers

Other awards

Katie Scott, first place, Knights of Columbus McGivney Award for outstanding writing on volunteer efforts, "Healing the poor"

Ann M. Augherton, first place magazine coverage for package on Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. for St. Anthony Messenger, co-written with her husband, Christopher J. Gunty

Christine Stoddard, honorable mention, Pontifical Mission Society Archbishop O'Meara Award for mission animation news, "Unstoppable"

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