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American Legion essay winner honors America

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Chloe Davies, a seventh-grader at All Saints School in Manassas, is an aspiring mystery writer and proud patriot. She won this year's American Legion state middle school essay competition, “I Like Living in America Because…” Davies’ essay cites the United States’ many freedoms and her father’s own experience as an immigrant as reasons why she believes this country is, “one of the best in the world.” 

Davies’ parents met in the United Kingdom when her mother traveled there to study abroad during college. Her father later moved to the United States and is now an American citizen. “He often tells me how much opportunity he has here. He has a brother who he says doesn't have as much opportunity,” said Davies. “Also, America has better dental (care).” 

In her essay, she noted the wise work of the Founding Fathers, who protected important liberties in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. “In other countries, people don’t have the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of assembly,” she wrote. “In America, I can choose the religion I want to practice, I can say what I want to say without being persecuted, and I can gather together with my friends, and not have soldiers come in and harm us.”

With the opportunities her country has given her, Davies hopes to become a writer or an actress when she grows up. She currently is writing a book, and greatly appreciates all the support and advice her family and her fellow classmates give her. She thanks her language arts teacher, Melissa DeBruyne, for “pushing me to edit the essay as much as I could,” she said.

To recognize her achievement, members of the American Legion Post 10 in Manassas presented Davies with a medal at an assembly March 17. 

Davies hopes Americans can concentrate less on the nation’s problems and remember all the gifts the country has given its citizens. “If we would focus on the positive, we would all be more grateful,” she said. 

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