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Fredericksburg church's new stained-glass windows illuminate life of Christ

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Thanks to generous donations from parishioners of St. Jude Church in Fredericksburg, the church has five new stained-glass windows. Designed by Beyers Studio in Philadelphia with a traditional style, the beautiful windows were installed March 13  in the church that was dedicated last July.

Three center windows illuminate the events of Holy Thursday in the center of the right transept; two other windows, one of the Transfiguration and one of the Nativity, are displayed on the left and right. 

Nicole Flusche and her husband, Andrew, donated the three center windows that show Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, celebrating the Passover at the Last Supper and his agony in the garden before his Passion.

“Holy Thursday has always been extremely important to us,” said Nicole. “So much goes on in just six hours — the institution of the Eucharist, the priesthood. I love that we will be able to pass that on.” 

For Andrew, the window installation is one more step toward the church’s completion. “It isn’t finished until it’s finished,” said Andrew. He and Nicole both felt called to dig deep to support the church in this way. “It’s one of the precepts of the church,” said Nicole.

The Transfiguration window was donated by Edmond Spring and an anonymous donor provided the funds for the Nativity window.

Spring's wife, Gladys, died two years ago before the church was built. He had already donated a pew in her honor, but when he heard about the windows he felt moved to donate one too. 

“The Transfiguration was one that really appealed to me," said Spring, who visited the spot of the Transfiguration on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land last year. "I’m so happy that it’s all coming together."

Donations toward the stained-glass windows are still being accepted. When all the windows are installed, each will illuminate a different scene from the life of Christ.

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