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Gathering as brothers, sisters in Christ

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Members of the Young Adults group at St. Veronica Church in Chantilly love to pray and they love to chat. And they really like to eat. "Where two or more gather at St. Veronica - there is food," said Michael Filamor, co-leader of St. Veronica Young Adults. It's not so much about the food itself, he said; it's about the spirit of community that is nurtured around a shared meal.
So it makes sense that they decided to host, on the day before the official holiday, the biggest feast of the year.

Filamor sees a Thanksgiving dinner as a natural progression for the group, whose regular meetings often are bookended by eucharistic adoration and a trip to a restaurant. "We are fed sacramentally in adoration, grow spiritually in the meeting, and during the meal we grow in fellowship," said Filamor. Shared meals, he added, are "emblematic of the Eucharist."

While most attendees will eat another round of turkey with relatives 24 hours later, Filamor views the Young Adults-sponsored Thanksgiving as its own kind of family gathering.

"People really do care for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ here," he said. "We are another family. Even though people may gather with family the next day, this is family, and it's one that welcomes everyone."

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