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Nativity Knights build their 23rd house for family in need

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The Knights of Columbus Fr. Sikora Council No. 7992 at Church of the Nativity in Burke built their 23rd home in the Appalachia, Ky., for a family in need.


The Nativity Knights have been in partnership with the Appalachian Construction Crew Inc., a Christian nonprofit organization located in Bellevue, Neb., since 2001.


Each year, Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Whitley City, Ky., in collaboration with the Construction Crew, chooses a family to receive a new house. This year, the Stephens family benefited from the project. The family of six, with a yearly income of approximately $22,000 a year, was living in a dilapidated trailer.


Nativity and the Knights raised more than $90,000 and covered 90 percent of construction costs on the project. Donations included a trailer full of household items. They also provided 16 volunteers on the crew who deployed June 2-15.


Appalachian Construction Crew sponsored an additional 10 volunteers from Colorado, Texas and Nebraska.


Although there were setbacks due to weather conditions, the construction of a four-bedroom, two-bath, 1,200-square-foot home was constructed on schedule. The crew depends on local contractors for HVAC, plumbing, septic system and electrical work, which adds additional costs but builds partnership with local craftsmen.


The house was blessed during construction by the pastor of St. Mildred’s Church in Somerset, Ky. The Stephens moved in July 1 and said their dream of a safe home and something to pass on through the years had come true.


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Contact Bob Corsi, Appalachia Coordinator, Nativity Parish, 703/455-2400


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