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Faith is at the center, literally, at Saint John Paul the Great

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As Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Potomac Shores prepares to reopen, students who haven’t seen each other for months greet in the halls, sport teams take to the fields for conditioning and faithful devotees stop in the chapel to pray. 

This year, the school will reintegrate some favorite customs and events while maintaining cleaning protocols to keep the school sanitized. 

Faculty and staff are involved with faith-life events throughout the year from retreats to service days and holy hours to sport team Masses. Opportunities for faculty and staff to grow in fraternity take the shape of book clubs and quarterly get-togethers. 

Parents are encouraged and invited to participate in the school through service: service in prayer (joining for adoration days); service in time (helping run the varied formative events); and service in gifts (donations for the service projects and works of service that keep the school running). 

In addition to these, parents can attend evening classes to continue to learn and grow in the faith and see what their students are taught during the school day. 

For the students, the school continually strives to grow in a culture of worship and service bonded by the eucharistic Lord. Wide-ranging devotions, confraternities, annual class retreats, daily prayer, weekly adoration and seasonal liturgical traditions enrich the knowledge of and participation at Mass. 

In the culture of service, Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia are at the forefront providing that example of faithful and joy-filled service. The school is revamping the “Service Club” into our new “Works of Mercy Club” that will challenge the students to participate in their choice of service while recognizing the various ways they are called to love. These opportunities of service are not required, but are designed so that each member of the WolfPack family can make that intentional step to be a witness in our modern world.

Faith-life at John Paul the Great imitates the unique architectural structure of the school: the tabernacle in the chapel stands at the center of the school. The mission is to provide an environment where students can grow in the image of Jesus Christ.




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