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Promposals bring pizzazz to senior spring

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“Will you go to prom with me?” 

It often takes a bit of courage to ask that question. But these days, it requires courage and creativity to ask a girl to prom. As girls shop for sparkly dresses, boys brainstorm for ways to ask them to the dance.  Flowers, a punny sign or some other grand gesture are necessary components of a promposal. 

Usually, friends lend a hand in the planning and execution. Molly Merrill, a senior at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, helped her cousin and fellow Panther Aidan McCarthy prompose to a friend on the track team.


Aidan McCarthy, a senior at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, stands with Christina Green after asking her to prom. COURTESY

“I was thinking that they're both going to Virginia Tech,” said Merrill, so they wrote in orange and maroon — “Would it be Hokie if we went to prom?” 

“He wanted it to be low-key, not anything romantic but still cute,” she said.

Before track practice, McCarthy hid in his friend’s car waiting for his soon-to-be date, Christina Green, to pass by, then sprinted to the field and waited. Merrill snapped pictures as he popped the question. 

Riley McHale, a senior at Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, says he loves doing big projects, and planning a promposal was no exception. “This was my biggest and I had it in mind for a while,” he said. 

McHale asked his mom to sew two sheets together, then he wrote “Prom?” in black.

Throughout the day he asked teachers and friends to give letters to his future date, senior Lauren Labrador. Each letter had a clue that led her to the place where he would ask. After school, McHale hung his sign from the computer lab windows. 

Labrador said she had no idea who was going to ask her when she finally saw McHale holding a poster saying, “Lauren, we have so much Chemistry together (and English and Physics.) Want to go to…”

She said yes even before seeing the large “Prom?” sign hanging from the school.


Lauren Labrador, her prom date Riley McHale and their friend Caroline Gerke stand in front of Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria after he asked her to prom. COURTESY

A few days later, the pair helped their friend prompose to his girlfriend. “A lot of people get ideas from social media, and then try to outdo it,” said Labrador. Most asks are filmed by friends. Girls are asked in special ways to homecoming or other dances as well, said McHale, but “people go all out for prom because it's a bigger dance,” he said. “It's always so much fun creating the asks and then seeing the reaction.” 


Junior Matthew Gang asks freshman Meghan Nuttall to junior prom during advisory at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax. COURTESY



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