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Saint John Paul the Great students find a voice for the voiceless

Every Wednesday afternoon, members of the pro-life club at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Dumfries meet to promote life. Currently, they are making blankets for the elderly.

By advocating for the voiceless, students in this organization find their own voice.

“The best experience I have had since being in the club would be the Day of Silence because I represented the voiceless,” said freshman Alexandra Geigel. “I saw how it was to be ignored.”

Club members put duct tape over their mouths and vowed not to speak for a whole school day during the Day of Silence Nov. 15 to stand up for the unborn.

Fighting for the dignity of the human person helps students strengthen their faith and moral character.  Club President Julia Livingston, reflected on the virtues she has acquired from leading the club. “I have truly learned and grown in all seven virtues. Primarily as a club leader and member, I have grown in the virtue of charity,” she said. “Our club’s contributions to the community and to our main focus, the protection of the unborn, have helped me and our members grow in our personal friendships with God.”

Livingston credits the club for making her a better person. “It has helped me grow in every aspect of my character. Without my call to serve the club I would not be the same person that I am today.”

Many club parents witness a positive transformation in their children. “The pro-life club has changed my child’s life by conversation and by the way she thinks and the activities she’s involved in in relation to God and the values in the club,” said Serena Nguyen, a club member parent. “I did not have this club in high school and I would have greatly benefited from it because the club would have given me something I could fight for and defend, instead of being absorbed in my own problems.”

The pro-life club has changed many students’ lives at John Paul the Great. From staying silent for a whole day to making blankets for the elderly, students have fun while promoting life.

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