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Seton’s theater program brings book to film

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Seton School in Manassas is putting on a fall show as it has been doing for many years, but this year there’s a twist. Seton Theater is making the first live-action movie ever made in Seton’s history. The producer, Matthew Moore, said that Seton has been putting on awesome plays for years, each one more amazing than the last. He said it was always, “How do we top the last show? We don’t.” The only thing that could possibly top “Cyrano” was a live-action film.


After reading the book Calapanta, Moore wondered how he could adapt it into a play. He realized it wasn’t possible due to the special effects needed and certain characters that would look silly onstage. After some consideration, it was decided that Seton would produce a movie rather than the usual play. “Students, teachers, and parents in the Seton community work together like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the theater program is no different,” said Moore. “I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a phenomenal production.”


Seton teacher Timothy Heisler, and writer of the Calapanta novel, said, “Having Seton turn it into a movie is more meaningful to me than if Hollywood did it.”


Everything that happens in the book and movie is straight from Heisler’s imagination. “The part I like most is that I get to act in the movie with my daughter,” he said.


The movie starts out with Jim, a young boy, having to gain courage and awaken his powerful protector to save another dimension. He goes on a journey assisted by newfound friends to defeat a huge, evil dragon, and an army of undead soldiers.


The “Calapanta” movie will be acted out by, filmed by and even edited by students. It will be one of the toughest undertakings Seton has done with more than 80 students and adults participating. Students will not only have fun, but they will get a taste of real-life cinematic careers. The powerful lesson the viewer will take away from the movie is to love courageously and fearlessly.


Calapanta is scheduled for release mid-October with multiple screenings open to the public at the school. 


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