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Speakers help families prioritize faith in Gainesville

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Families with children are busy — running from school to sports practices or music lessons. It can be easy to lose sight of the importance of faith. Bridget McCardell, director of adult faith formation at Holy Trinity Church in Gainesville, hoped to remedy that with a series of talks Sept. 21-22.

“We have parents who understand when there is something of value for their children they are willing to put all sorts of effort to make sure they’ll get to it,” said McCardell. “If we can show parents that there is value right here in building the domestic church … that’s what this weekend is about.”

“Sometimes it takes someone else who has a family of five, is an entrepreneur, and understands all the challenges that families face on a regular basis to say there’s a way to do it where faith is at the center and everything else revolves around it,” said McCardell.

Darrell Miller, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player with the California Angels spoke Sept. 22. Peter Howard, author, speaker and founder of HeroicFamilies.com with his wife, Chantal, spoke Sept. 21.

Howard said the question that comes up in his travels across the country is how families can find the spark in their lives.

“I can’t underscore enough the importance of each of us discovering how important this moment in our life is, not just in the world, but we are all alive in this moment for a reason,” said Howard. “What we need today is a reignition of our souls. Do we have something burning within us?”

Howard emphasized the importance of helping youths find their purpose. “If we don’t tell them, the world will tell them,” he said.   

Parishioners Gene and Karen Chiodo have four children. Gene said the focus of life should be their children. “Your job isn’t what you are here for,” he said. “It’s your children.”

“As parents we are struggling to make sure our children are raised right,” said Karen. “We look at everything that is happening in the news and all of the negative influences around them. Our faith is a lifetime journey. We are trying to figure it out and strengthen our relationship so that we can be better parents to our children.”

Howard said there’s one thing you need to know in life. “What allows us to sustain what you’re doing in life is your why,” he said. “It’s going to affect your family, your business and your life.”

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