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Virginia Catholic Conference releases voter guide for statewide races

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The Virginia Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Commonwealth’s Catholic bishops, released a "Know the Positions" voter guide Oct. 5 on each of the Democratic and Republican candidates for statewide office as well as a pre-election open letter from Arlington Bishop Michael F. Burbidge and Richmond Bishop Barry C. Knestout.

Both resources are intended to help Catholics cast informed votes in the upcoming Nov. 2 election, with early voting already underway.

The voter guide presents the public positions and previous statements of each major-party candidate for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general to summarize their views on seven issues: abortion, conscience rights, the economy, education, the environment, health care and immigration.

In their open letter, Bishop Burbidge and Bishop Knestout wrote of "our sacred duty to form our consciences and vote." The prelates added that "three foundational principles must guide how we vote: Many issues are important. Not all issues have equal moral weight. Protecting life is paramount."

The VCC neither supports nor opposes any candidate for public office.

Find out more:

Read the Know the Positions voter guide for Virginia’s three statewide elections and the open letter from Bishops Burbidge and Knestout at www.vacatholic.org

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