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Men do ask for directions

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The King's Men is a ministry devoted to building Christian men in the mold of leader, protector and provider. They host several "Into the Wild" retreats each year where men meet for a weekend at a wilderness area for Mass and prayer. There are also team-building exercises that include orienteering - finding your way across a set course using a map and compass.
I visited the "Into the Wild" retreat July 10 at Prince William Forest Park in Triangle for a story. Prayer, Mass and the rosary all played key parts in the day.
There was an orientation competition in the afternoon. To prepare for the event, orienteering lessons and practice were given in the morning.
The site of the competition was on the other side of the 25-square-mile park, so after training and practice we loaded into cars to convoy to the starting point. I drove the last car and followed the flashing lights of the cars in front of me out of the park onto I-95 to the next exit. We entered through the main gate and wound our way through the park to our destination.
It was taking a bit longer then I thought. Then I noticed the front car stopped, asking questions of a park ranger - a woman - who was driving in the other direction.
I saw her pointing down the road and talking to the driver.
As the convoy made a U-turn on the road I saw the ranger pass and she had an oh-so-subtle smile on her face.
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