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Loveless law

For just one moment, let’s take a step back and examine with fresh eyes the late-term abortion laws that are being proposed and passed. Let’s ask ourselves: What really is the point of them? Do they recognize the inherent dignity of the person? Do they really empower women? Are they really the best option?

By the third trimester, the fetus (Latin for offspring) can sustain life outside the womb. At this point, an individual would have to commit an act of total academic dishonesty to deny the personhood of the child who is yet to be born. As Americans, we know each person, no matter their race, creed, or sex, is created equal, and we know as Catholics that they also are made in the image and likeness of God. This list ought to include stage of development because from the moment of conception there is a new human life with DNA that is singularly theirs. Once we do this, we can truly acknowledge the immense value and worth of each person’s life.

Instead of empowering women, these new laws do the opposite and tell women they are not strong enough. They lie to women who are in remarkably painful situations and tell them that terminating their pregnancy is their only option. Abortion, and most especially late-term abortion, denies the resilience and power of these women. The narrative is women are brave for having an abortion but what is brave is choosing to love. When a woman chooses to love she answers her vocation, it is not always easy but that is what makes it so brave. Courage is the habit of acting through fear and choosing the good. When a woman feels that abortion is her only choice, it takes incredible courage to act through that fear to choose life.

Abortion is never the answer, nor is it ever the only option; there are alternatives and there is hope. We have established that the child can survive on its own at this time (although they would be severely premature), which means that if there is a health complication with the mother, the child could be delivered and still survive.

If a woman feels that she cannot raise a child and give them the life they deserve, there is always adoption. Growing up, my best friend was adopted. I thank God every day that his mother chose life.

So, what is the purpose of late-term abortion laws if they don't recognize the dignity of the person, don't empower women, and aren't necessary? The only logical answer is death. It is simply and purely a vicious attack on women and life that denies the good.

It is vexing to try and understand why the state would celebrate the killing of its own citizens but upon closer examination, one will conclude that by the breakdown of the family and life it gains further control, using manipulation and deceit.

I implore my fellow God-fearing Americans to look around and affirm the dignity of their neighbor because each person, no matter their age or social situation, is unique and unrepeatable. There has never been anyone like them in the history of the world and there will never be anyone just like them in the time to come.

Zerbo is a sophomore at Christendom College in Front Royal.

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