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  • Examine your media consumption

    Addressing Sexual Harassment

    Over the past century entertainers and marketers have increasingly objectified women in film, music, print, and on-line content. Now, in light of sexual harassment revelations, Americans are wringing their hands over the objectification of women! Focusing on the perpetrators of such crimes is just and proper, but if we stop there, the treatment of women in the workplace and broader society is unlikely to change.

    I believe that a parallel exists with the mass violence that we have witnessed in places like Las Vegas and Sandy Hook. Exposing anyone, especially young men, to forms of entertainment that glorify or at best detach us from the consequences of violence has consequences. So do a lack of or inadequately enforced regulations regarding access to certain firearms. Similarly, exposing ourselves to media that portrays women as objects and permitting unchecked access to internet pornography leads to disordered attitudes about sexuality. Hopefully, as society acknowledges that women deserve dignified, respectful, and yes, chaste behavior we will begin to promote those attitudes in popular culture. The foundation for such a transformation was given to us in St. John Paul the Great's Theology of the Body. Individually, we should each examine our media consumption and form our children through example (and supervision) so that, in imitation of Christ, woman will be treated and portrayed with holiness and virtue.