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  • How to search Arlington Catholic Herald newspaper archives

    More than 40 years of Virginia's Catholic history are now available in searchable form. 


    The Catholic Herald has exciting news to share with our readers. An important project we started a few years ago is now complete. We sent back issues of the Catholic Herald on microfilm and microfiche to be digitized as searchable text. These editions are now fully searchable — all the way back to our first issue, Jan. 8, 1976.

    Articles also are sharable on social media and can be emailed or saved as a PDF.

    If you are curious about what was happening 10 or 30 years ago, or want to read up on how the diocese has changed, go to catholicherald.com and click on “e-edition” in the top right corner to be taken to our archive. You can also click here.

    The most recent edition of the Catholic Herald will be displayed as it appeared in print.

    To search previous issues click on “search archive.” The default view will open to the current year’s calendar of issues, with active issue dates marked in red.

    Click on any individual issue date, and it will open the link to that issue only. To navigate page by page, scroll through by clicking the arrows on the right or left.

    Searching for specific keywords also is easy. Click in the search box labeled “text” and enter a date range by clicking on the calendars.

    To return to a search after viewing results, click on “search results” at the top of that window.

    You can also download selected pages from the search results as PDF files, which can then be printed or saved. And, please remember our material is copyrighted and for personal use only.

    If you search our archives prior to the early 1990s, the text has been scanned from hard copies or microfilm. Keep in mind that the scanned text isn’t perfect, and photos might show up a little dark on PDFs.

    To start a new search, click on “search archive” again, and clear the search term and select a new date range from the calendars. 

    Use the “HELP!” link on the search window for a handy “how to” on using keywords and tips to narrow your search parameters.

    Have fun exploring the history of the diocese.


    Rausch can be reached at srausch@catholicherald.com.



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