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  • Bikes for the World Collection



    Event Date(s): 9/16/2017
    Venue / Location Information:
    Name: St. Mary of Sorrows Church
    Address: 5222 Sideburn Rd.
    City: Fairfax
    State: VA
    Event Time / Additional Information: 9:00am
    Contact Info: Cathy, 703/307-5512 /

    Bikes for the World Collection, donate usable or repairable bikes and spare parts for needy overseas, St. Mary of Sorrows Church, 5222 Sideburn Rd., Fairfax, 9 a.m.-noon. Cathy, 703/307-5512 or cat.gaiser@gmail.com or Brian, 703/764-3845 or lbbakeith@gmail.com.