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A Lenten message from Bishop Burbidge

As we begin the sacred Season of Lent with ashes on our forehead, we are reminded that our lives here on earth are merely a journey with an ultimate goal of eternal life which we all share. So, now is the time to assure that we are prepared for that moment when the Lord calls us to himself and judges in love and mercy. Thus, Lent is a special invitation to deepen our commitment to daily conversion so that we are living with in integrity and holiness of life. With the help of our Lord, we achieve this radical transformation through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  First is prayer, reminding us of our complete dependency on God.  Secondly, fasting allows us to let go of the things that weigh us down and that we do not need, and to remind us that only God can satisfy the hunger of our hearts.  Finally, our recommitment to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ transforms our hearts, as we grow in generosity. 

It is my hope and prayer that this Lent is a source of abundant blessings for all the faithful in the Diocese of Arlington and a time of recommitment to the Lord and His call to conversion.


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