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Bishop Burbidge encourages opt-out for controversial sex education

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge urges parents of children in the public school systems of Fairfax and Loudoun counties to opt their children out of certain Family Life Education classes

“As primary educators of your children, please investigate and see if you are really comfortable with what is being taught,” Bishop Burbidge said during a recent “Walk Humbly” podcast. “I’m extremely concerned with what is in some of these curriculums because they certainly contradict boldly our beliefs as Catholics.

“What is little well known at times is that parents, rightfully so, (have) the opportunity to opt out of these programs. I think if our parents dig deep, that is an option they will want to take very seriously.”

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To review the Family Life Education lessons and for more information about how to opt your child out of certain Family Life Education classes, go to parentandchild.org for Fairfax County and parentandchildloudoun.org for Loudoun County. 

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