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Statement by Bishop Michael F. Burbidge on the 2020 Election

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Over the last few weeks, an extraordinary number of people in our nation have participated in one of the greatest blessings any free country has: the right to vote and to decide its leaders. At this point in the vote count, it appears  that former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris have won this election  to serve in our nation’s highest positions of public trust. We understand, however, that President Trump is contesting some of the outcomes in various states, and is pursuing clarity from the courts, which is his right.
No matter the outcome of any election, we must remember that the strength of our republic lies in our unity as fellow citizens and as members of God's holy family. Such relationships are the bedrock of our society and it is  important that we foster respect and civility in our ongoing dialogue and encounters with one another. 
At this time, may we pray for all of our elected officials, that they will be inspired by prudence and the wisdom of Our Lord to instill peace and justice throughout this great nation, uphold our freedoms, and protect the most vulnerable among us. As a people of faith, may we also be strengthened in our conviction that, now and always, it is God in whom we place our trust.  

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