b Chancery Staff, Departments — Catholic Diocese of Arlington -b

Chancery Offices 200 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 914, Arlington, Va. 22203 703/841-2500Accounting Department Clare Fariss, Department Head Suite 600 841-2582 Archives 80 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 22203 524-2124 Arlington Catholic HERALD Michael F. Flach, Editor and General Manager Suite 600 841-2590 Audit Office, Internal Richard Davis, director Suite 914 841-3816 Bishop’s Lenten Appeal Juanita Padgett, coordinator Suite 914 841-2570 Catholic Charities Suite 506 Father Charles McCoart, Executive Director 841-3830 Chancellor Suite 914 Rev. Robert J. Rippy 841-2508 Office of Catechetics Father Paul deLadurantaye, secretary for religious education and sacred liturgy Suite 503 841-2554 Office of Catholic Schools Timothy McNiff, superintendent Suite 503 841-2519 Central Purchasing Department Jim Forneris Suite 600 841-2571 Communications Office Linda Shovlain, communications director Suite 914 841-2767 Construction Management Peter Fisher, supervisor of construction Paul May, supervisor of construction Moon Kim, supervisor of construction Suite 600 841-2572 Diaconal Committee Deacon Charles A. Coutu, coordinator 540-937-4709 Deacon William D. Pivarnik, coordinator 703-5187424 Diocesan Finance Council Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, chairman 841-2511 Rev. Daniel J. Maher, episcopal vicar for finance 841-2577 Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs Commission Rev. Thomas P. Ferguson, chairman 841-2555 Employee Benefits Department Linda Hennessey, manager Suite 600 841-2588 Family Life Office Robert E. Laird, director Andrea Albanese, assistant director Suite 523 841-2550 Fiscal Manager Susan D. Handlon Suite 914 841-2577 Information Technology Enhancement Project Kimberly T. Murphy, IT project manager Suite 517 841-3825 Mail Room Minnie Tuck Suite 600 841-2518 Management Information Systems Rev. Lee Roos, supervisor Willy Maldonado, director Suite 600 841-3841 Multi-cultural Ministries, Ad Hoc Committee Dr. Richard Fallert, coordinator 841-3839 Peace and Social Justice Commission 334 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va. 22201 Rev. Gerard Creedon, chairman 527-5500 Rev. Mark S. Mealey, O.S.F.S., moderator 841-2563 Permanent Diaconate Rev. Robert E. Avella Suite 914 841-3809 Priests’ Council Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, president Rev. Thomas P. Ferguson, recording secretary 841-2511 Propagation of the Faith Suite 600 Rev. Brian Bashista, director 841-2514 Publications/List Maintenance Suite 914 Ronnie Doherty, coordinator 841-2516 Resettlement Office Seyoum Berhe, director 80 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 22203 524-2154 Risk Management Office Suite 600 Dick Duffey, director 841-2503 Secretary to the Bishop Suite 914 Brother David Eddy, C.F.X. 841-2511 Sisters’ Council Sr. Cecilia Dwyer, O.S.B., president 361-0106 Sr. Margaret Kerr, S.N.D., vice president 527-3276 Spanish Apostolate Rev. Ovidio Pecharroman, Director 80 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 22203 524-2122 Stewardship and Development Suite 914 Robert Mueller, director 841-2545 Tribunal Suite 524 Rev. Mark S. Mealey, O.S.F.S., judicial vicar 841-2555 Vicar for Religious Suite 914 Rev. Mark S. Mealey, O.S.F.S. 841-2563 Vocations Suite 600 Rev. Robert E. Avella, director Rev. Brian Bashista, promoter 841-2514 Youth Ministry Suite 519 Kevin Bohli, director Rev. Michael Taylor, spiritual director 841-2559

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