b Paul VI to Graduate 289 Students -b

Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax will hold its graduation ceremony for the 289 students in the Class of 2003 Sunday, June 8, at 2:30 p.m., in the George Mason University Patriot Center. The baccalaureate Mass will be celebrated Friday, June 6, at St. Timothy Church in Chantilly at 7:30 p.m. Catholic University of America President Vincentian Father David M. O’Connell will be the commencement speaker. Father O’Connell holds a doctorate in canon law from Catholic University and is well-known as an author, speaker, television and radio commentator and effective public speaker. He became president of Catholic University in 1998 after serving as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and associate vice president at St. John’s University in New York. During his tenure at St. John’s University, the administration, faculty, staff and students regarded Father O’Connell as one of the school’s most visible and effective administrators. Colleagues attributed his success to an open, honest and collegial style of management that made him accessible to all. After his appointment to Catholic University, St. John’s University elected Father O’Connell to its board of trustees. Father O’Connell first became acquainted with the Vincentians at St. Joseph College Preparatory in Princeton, N.J., where he attended high school and learned the value of a liberal arts and science education, taking advantage of neighboring Princeton University. While at the Vincentian’s College Seminary Program at Niagara University, Father O’Connell combined studies in philosophy with performances in the university’s theater program. After his ordination in 1982, he taught at Archbishop Wood High School near Philadelphia, and later taught philosophy, theology and canon law at his seminary alma mater, Niagara University Student speakers will be class Valedictorian Jessica Kennedy of St. John Neumann Parish in Reston and Salutatorian Carolyn Greene of St. Stephen the Martyr Parish in Middleburg. Kennedy, a National Merit Commended Scholar, will attend the University of Georgia, which has granted her a $40,000 Charter Scholarship. While at Paul VI she put her writing talents to use for the school’s literary magazine and as the school’s lead critic for the Cappies. The Washington Post chose two of her Cappie reviews for publication this year. Kennedy was a member of Show Choir, theater clubs and participated in plays and musicals at school as well as in church and community theater. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and belonged to PVI’s French Club, French Honor Society and the television team for "It’s Academic." Greene, also a National Merit Commended Scholar, will attend Grove City College in Pennsylvania where she plans to major in biology. She is a recipient of a $2,000 scholarship from the Air Force Officers’ Wives Club. Greene is a hurdler on the Paul VI track team, secretary of the French Honor Society, a member of National Honor Society and Student Leadership Youth Corps, and was active in band for three years. She is also a member of St. Stephen’s Youth Group and plays soccer for a Loudoun County traveling team. PVI Class of 2003 The members of the Class of 2003 include: Stephen Adelman, Nicole Agosta, Susan Alexander, Michael Altenburger, John Amato, Jenna Anderson, Michael Annessa, Nicholas Avino, Thomas Avino, Katherin Bahr, Joshua Bandong, Nicholas Barnes, Megan Battle, Dennis Bayon, Elizabeth Beckworth, James Berger, Michael Bisacquino, Courtney Boger, Krystyna Borkowski, Eleanor Boyce, Amanda Bozza, Jason Braga, Adriana Brazelton, Abigail Brennan, DaneBrennan, Christopher Brown, Theophil Bruce II, Deborah Bruen, Anne Bruns, Sara Buckheit, Jennifer Bui, Marc Cantwell, Marisa Cappel, Whitney Cargill, Patricia Carroll, Joseph Cascio, Samantha Casselbury, Colleen Castle, Catherine Cavanaugh, Andrew Clark, Shavonne Clarke, Sheila Clarke, Michael Cleveland, Paul Clickner, Joseph Coffinberger, Patrick Colan, Ashley Collins, Michael Conlon, Kristen Conques, Daniel Cooley, Austin Cronan, Jacqueline Crook, Natalie Cunningham, Matthew Dannemann, Daniel Davis, Tamara Davis, Meghan Dawn, Thomas DeBenedetto, Mary Delaney, Joseph DePorter, Michael DeSilva, Navin Dhas, Ryan DiAndrea, Terron Diggs, Marco DiSandro, Catherine DiToro, Kathryn Dixon, Daniel Donahoe, Caitlin Dunleavy, Monika Edwards, Robert Ellenburg, Samuel Ellis-Johnson, Zachary Ennis, Audrey Enriquez, David Epp, Matthew Erhard, Dina Ezzat, Christopher Fannon, Julie Farr, Arif Fazel, Sarah Feciura, Patrick Fells, Dana Foor, Derek Francis-Diamond, Kristina Francois, Jeremy Frost, Thomas Gallemore, Philip Galvan, M. Patrick Garlan, Bassem Ghali, Elie Ghattas, Jonathan Giguere, Susan Goodheer, Bridget Grant, Nicholas Grant, Carolyn Greene, Suhail Grewal, Michael Griffin, Christopher Griffith, Stephen Grodek, Caitlin-Mary Gsell, Erica Guimaraes, Joseph Hagel, Russell Hall, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Hampel, Seok Jun Han, Peter Harms, Rachael Harris, Brian Hatcher, Stephen Haynes, Nicholas Healy, Maybelline Herrell, Kathleen Herron, Colton Hood, Rebecca Hoog, Monica Howard, Lydia Humphries, Nicholas Ilchyshyn, Kevin Ingalls, Elizabeth Isom, Andrew Janeczko, Helen Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Erik Jones, Amanda Kaberline, Sarah Kelly, Scott Kelly, Jessica Kennedy, Jeffrey Kinard, Jr., Robert Kleinworth, Jason LaBossiere, Michelle Lane, Nora Large, Charles Latimer, Brendan Leahy, Tara Leischner, Matthew Lewis, Kathryn Likins, Brendan Lins, Sarah Longenecker, Margaret Lovejoy, Colleen Luczko, Daniel Luna, Dang-Khoa Luong, David Mahat, Malorie Male-Sterne, James Manning IV, Melanie Maravilla, Alison Marceau, Erin March, Melissa Marchi, Andrew Marr, Sebastian Mascaro, Matthew McDonald, Erin McElrath, Frances McLain, David Mertens, Cory Messerschmidt, Scott Millard, Nicholas Mirabal, Michael Montano, Timothy Moran, Andrew Morgan, Nikolai Morse, Paul Muris, Sarah Murphy, Allison Murray, Matsanga Musindu, Christopher Myers, Emily Noonan, Clare Noone, Teagan O'Bar, Blair O'Briant, Philip O'Donnell, Caitlin Oliver, Maria Olivieri, Eva Ondrasik, Molly O'Neilm, Michele O'Neill, Jacob Onufrychuk, Allison Opfer, Colleen O'Reilly, Jeanne O'Reilly, Paticria Orfini, Brooke Owen, Nora Passamonti, Daniel Perri, Kyle Peters, Diana Pharao, Jonathan Phillips, Tierney Plumb, Ryan Price, Steven Proctor, Jabari Queen, Jennifer Quigley, Kaitlin Racine, Morgan Radice, Matthew Radio, Gabriel Ralston, Daniel Randlett, Marissa Rauner, Vanessa Redington, Rebecca Richards, Lauren Ritzert, Geoffrey Rixon, Alexandra Robbins, Craig Robertson, Bradley Robinson, Roy Rogers, Jacqueline Ronald, Thomas Ross, Jr., Robert Rusbuldt, Daniel Russell, Natalia Sanchez, Pat Santiago, Rex Sarabia, Matthew Scarpace, Mary Schambach, Tyler Schlusemeyer, Michelle Schwartz, Patrick Schweiker, Stephanie Scott Jason Semko, Jonathan Serafin, Elizabeth Shelton, Elizabeth Short, Moira Smith, Brian Snell, Brian Sperry, Paul Spicer, Nicole St. John, Audrey Staples, Robert Stoegbauer, Sean Strauch, Jonathan Strumfeld, Paul Sturm, Sarah Sullivan, Cassandra Sutton, Elizabeth Szuba, David Talton, Jennifer Tan, Meaghan Tardif, Brent Thal, Corinne Thompson, John Thorpe, Megan Tobias, Paul Tomaselli, Michelle Torok, Miguel Torres, Thienduyen Tran, Daniel Troncoso, Jacqueline Tvrdik, Dennis Vafier, Graciela Valdez, Alexandra Velesz, Maria Vivanco, Peter Vogt, Duy-Anh Vu, Ashton Walker, Kristin Wang, Aaron Ward, Marie Weigle, Michelle Welcher, Sarah Westergard, Colin White, Lauren Whited, Tameisha Williams, Thomas Williams, Andrew Wilson, Craig Wlaschin, Kevin Wong, Lea Woodard, Justin Woodward, Philip Worosz, Kristin Wright, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Cristina Zamora, Rachel Zavala, Edward Zigo, Margaret Zilberfarb, Jon Zilius, John Zimmer, Steven Zivich, Paul Zorio. In addition, Cameron Dugger, Constantine Federici and Ryan Laverty, members of the PVI Options Program who are seniors, will receive Certificates of Accomplishment.

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