Book Review: Pierced by a Sword and Conceived Without Sin

Pierced by A Sword and Conceived Without Sin, By Bud MacFarlane, Jr. Anyone who is familiar with or follows Marian apparitions knows or has heard of Bud MacFarlane, Sr., one of the foremost authorities on apparitions of our Blessed Mother. His son, Bud, Jr., is the founder and moving force behind CatholiCity, the premier Catholic site on the World Wide Web. Bud, Jr., as many also know, is the author of the best-selling book, "Pierced by A Sword." This fast paced novel takes place in the present-day world, but encompasses and intertwines the messages and foretellings of both the historical and present-day Marian apparitions. Once this novel is begun, few have been able to put it down. While fictional, it does contain real life personalities, including a young and energetic priest, an inner city drug dealer, a beautiful woman, a mid-level stock broker and, of course, an expert in Marian apparitions. It is correct in its theological aspects and enthralling as a novel. If you like suspense, adventure and intrigue with your religion, you’ll love "Pierced by A Sword." MacFarlane’s second book, "Conceived without Sin," is also theologically sound, but, in my opinion, not a "grabber" as was his previous work. In reading "Conceived," which was just released in June, I was always waiting for the excitement I found in "Pierced," but it never materialized. "Conceived" is about real people in a real world with real problems, and I see enough of that. It contained none of the suspense and adventure I was expecting, but then I was wanting another "Pierced." Without a doubt, MacFarlane has a gift for writing, and his strong Catholic faith is evident in both works. While I would recommend "Conceived" for a cold, wintry day when the Redskins’ season is over, I would recommend "Pierced" in lieu of a Skins game - it’s that good. Copyright ?1997 Arlington Catholic Herald, Inc. All rights reserved.

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