Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Where to go for their honeymoon is one of a couple’s more intriguing decisions during wedding planning. "The most important thing honeymooners need to examine is their budget and what activities they’re interested in," said Sharon Martin, office manager and travel agent for several years at Golden Rule Travel’s office in Catlett. "Do they want to be shopping the entire time or just sitting on the beach? They need to be asking themselves these things." If they cannot travel where they would initially prefer for the honeymoon, she suggested they save money and go for an anniversary or future trip. The first choice for most couples is the beach, and second is cruises, Martin said. "We can find a beach for them anytime of the year in different locations." What honeymooners "most want is something secluded; not necessarily isolated, but to not have thousands of people sharing a beach with them." Often they choose resorts that have their own private beach open to hotel guests and members only. The most popular destination for cruises is the Caribbean, because there is an Eastern, Western and Southern itinerary from which to choose, she said. Hawaii is also an attractive option. Martin used Jamaica for a pricing comparison. For a winter seven-day package there, including airfare, hotel, meals and taxes, a couple can expect to pay $1,400, and during the summer $700-800. An excellent rate for an all-inclusive package is $100 per person per day, and even $150 is a good deal, she said. Many honeymooners are beginning to find Europe enticing, she said. There is increased interest in seasonal trekking during late spring to early fall for 14-21 days, such as renting a car and driving around Ireland visiting castles. One of the most unusual honeymoons Martin helped plan during her 18 years in the travel industry was for a couple in which the groom was a dairy farmer from Ohio. He and his new bride took a driving tour of the dairy farms in the neighboring states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. Autumn is becoming a popular time of year for weddings and Martin has already had several requests for helping couples plan them. Eleanor Rose of Aztec Travel in Indiana, Pa., which has advertised Religious Tours in the HERALD, is one of the owners, and a staff member, since 1965. She said the most requested honeymoon destinations are the Mexican Riviera, such as Cancun, Disney World in Florida and Hawaii. Cruises are also popular, she said. She said that after Sept. 11, her agency saw a slight decline in business, but it’s coming back and is booming with eight people working in the office, as well as outside salespeople. "Americans are used to vacations" and are fairly undeterred about taking them, she said. The most popular time of year is "from June to September, the traditional time of honeymoons," Rose said. She has also seen some Christmas weddings, where couples take off to "the islands."

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