Talented Front Royal Youth Evangelizes through Music

Within the past six months, 16-year-old Marie Miller has been to Nashville six times, produced her first CD and hopes to use her music to bring teens to Christ. Miller?s pop rock style of music is upbeat, lively and exactly what many young people want. "In every craft and art form, we have to be Christians," she said, adding that whether someone is a painter, writer or musician, the work should reflect Christ in some way. Miller?s music focuses on Christ. "There?s a struggle to choose God above all the other options," she said of her age group. They are tempted to abandon God for drugs, alcohol or romantic love. "It?s easy to come off the path toward Him." Miller, a member of St. John the Baptist Parish in Front Royal, has always enjoyed singing, and she plays guitar, piano and mandolin. As her passion for music continued, she began composing. Her first composition was "The Road." Miller enjoys writing the lyrics and melodies and has received help arranging the music. Producer Mark Heimermann co-wrote most of her songs. He has worked with many popular Christian artists such as Jaci Velasquez, Michael W. Smith, ZOEgirl and DC Talk. He also helped produce many of the WOW CDs ? compilations of Christian artists. Miller and her dad researched and decided they both liked Heimermann?s style. After a few phone calls, they trekked to Nashville to show him a demo, and he agreed to help produce Miller?s CD. "It?s been great for me as a young writer to see what it?s like to make a song that will work for everyone," she said. Heimermann was able to connect Miller with other top-notch musicians. Alisa Childers, a singer from ZOEgirl, helped compose "On My Way." Professional musician, Judson Spence, collaborated on "Mother Must Be Praying" and "The Road." "It?s fun being a young musician and have a Nashville group back you up," she said. One song talks about people who have hardened their hearts to Christ?s love, making them "Cold." The relevant message and the music together made it one of Miller?s favorites. Along with her incredible voice, Miller plays the mandolin and bouzouki, both used on the CD. The song, "Out of Egypt," is completely instrumental, showing her musicianship. Miller performs at local churches and festivals whenever possible. Her favorite audience is Catholic youths. "If the audience can take anything from me, I hope it?s that there is a true and right path to follow," she said, and this path is the only one that leads to happiness in life. As young person, Miller knows that teens are challenged to become independent with their faith. They have to make the switch from sharing their parents? faith and making it their own, she said. Miller hopes to continue making music, although she admits that God might have a different plan for her. She would give up music if it was His will. "Whatever God wants is okay," she said. Miller?s CD, "Marie Miller" is available online at www.magdalenspring.com.

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