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Third Order Dominicans Launch New Chapter at St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Great Falls

The Third Order of St. Dominic has 15 new lay members and a new Virginia chapter after a special ceremony sponsored by the Immaculate Conception Chapter at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. A new Third Order Dominican satellite chapter at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Great Falls was begun by Father Jerome Fasano earlier this year. The group was approved by the Dominican Province to operate as a adjunct chapter to the Immaculate Conception Chapter in Washington. Fran Griffin, T.O.P., who is prioress of the Immaculate Conception Chapter and also a parishioner at St. Catherine's, conducted the ceremony of acceptance and profession along with Father Pierre Conway, O.P. spiritual director. Fifteen novices were inducted into the St. Catherine's Satellite Chapter, which includes lay men and women from three parishes in addition to St. Catherine's: St. Andrew's in Clifton, St. Mark's in Vienna, and St. John the Evangelist in Warrenton. Three persons made simple profession (promising to live by the Rule of St. Dominic for three years) and two made perpetual profession in the Immaculate Conception Chapter. Those making profession were from St. John's in McLean, the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, St. Louis in Clarksville, MD, and St. Peter's, Waldorf, Md. Those from St. Catherine of Siena parish were: Nancy Catherine Mary Burgess, Andrew Augustine Cardinal, Nancy Caro, Bruce Thomas Aquinas Hacker, Julian Dominic Heron, Sylvia Margaret of Castello Ivany, Donna Jean Therese of Lisieux Kerrigan, Gina Monica Mann, Michelle Mary Magdelan Martin, Brenda Catherine Valencia, Sharon Marie Bridget Vasky-Smith, and Constance Augustine Woods. The other novices received were: Jean Catherine of Siena Rhodes from St. Andrew Parish, Centreville; Mary Fisk from St. Mark Parish; and Paul Louis Marie de Montfort Luetkemeyer from St. John the Evangelist Parish, Warrenton. Those making simple (three-year) profession in the Immaculate Conception Chapter were Thomas Aquinas Francis and Lora Lee Marie Francis (both of whom renewed their three-year profession) of St. John Parish in McLean; and Mary Celeste Imelda Maher of St. Peter's in Waldorf. Making Perpetual Profession were Elba Socorro Maria Monserrate Hinish of St. Louis in Clarksville, Md. and Robert Stoddart of Cathedral of St. Thomas More Parish. The day began with a Mass con-celebrated by Father Conway, Father Bogumil Kosciesza and Father Vincent Rigdon, director of the Washington Archdiocesan Office of the Missions. After lunch attended by over 100 people, the ceremony of acceptance and profession began. Father Jerome Fasano, pastor of St. Andrew Parish and a Dominican tertiary, attended the ceremony, during which the candidates prostrated themselves on the chapel floor in the form of a cross. The candidates were asked: "What do you seek?" The novices answered: "God's mercy and yours and so to be received into the Dominican Order." After a series of prayers, each novice candidate came forward and received a Bible, Rosary, and Dominican shield pin. Those being professed received scapulars and made promises to live by the Rule of St. Dominic. At the end of the ceremony, Father Fasano addressed the crowd, recalling the years that he spent as a Dominican brother at the Dominican House. "I used to meditate upon this picture behind the altar," he said. "I saw that great procession of Dominican saints, popes, bishops, virgins and martyrs and pastors of the church. I realized that by entering into the Order, I was at the end of that procession. I have been in that procession for 25 years and now so many more of you here have gotten on line. It's a wonderful thing to be on that line - to think of all those ahead of you who have found eternal life by following the Rule of the Order." The novices, who meet at St. Catherine of Siena Church's Padre Pio Hall on the First Saturday of each month, will devote the next year to studying Dominican spirituality (including St. Thomas Aquinas) and the history of the founding of the Order by St. Dominic. The novices will also learn about the Rule of the Third Order. The Rule is a way of living which includes practices to foster spiritual growth through prayer, study of the Bible, Church Doctrine, and the writings of the saints. Dominicans like most Third Orders, endeavor to say the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary or attend Mass daily. The novices will work at trying to incorporate as much of this as possible in to everyday life. After this year of discernment, prayer and study, the novices will have the opportunity to request to make a simple profession for three years. For more information on the new Third Order chapter at St. Catherine of Siena Parish, call 703-479-3530. Copyright ?1997 Arlington Catholic Herald, Inc. All rights reserved.

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