Live as His disciples

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Risen Lord Jesus,

As you are aware, I urged us in my Lenten message to implore the Lord Jesus to form our hearts, so that we would emerge at Lent's end as a people whose hearts beat in accord with His. Strengthened by prayer, purified by fasting and other forms of penance and committed to almsgiving, our hearts are now more in sync with the Heart of Jesus Christ, on fire with love for Him and for all our brothers and sisters, especially for those most in need.

We have more intentionally been united to the Lord Jesus as we relived His suffering, death and Resurrection through our participation in the liturgies of the Easter Triduum. As we rejoice this Easter Day in Our Savior's triumph over sin and death, we are keenly aware that we too must continue to share in His triumph, dying to our self-centeredness and living instead for the Lord and for others.

During Lent, we were re-created, so that in the weeks and months ahead, the power of Christ's love may be at work in us, enabling us to be "missionary disciples" as we invite those we encounter to come to Jesus, so as to experience His transforming love themselves. Just like the first disciples, we are sent forth by the Risen Lord Jesus to evangelize, primarily by our witness in daily life, but also in our conversations and dialogue. An aspect of our witness embraces our reaching out to the needy in practical ways, so as to make visible Jesus Christ's loving care for them.

The Risen Lord Jesus will transform our hearts in answer to our request that He do so. With hearts formed like His, we can truly live as His disciples, witnesses to the power of His risen life at work in us.

Keeping you in daily prayer through this Easter season and beyond, I remain

Faithfully in the Heart of Christ,

Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde

Bishop of Arlington

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