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    Executive Director

    Executive Director of the House of Mercy with responsibility for leadership and management of a Catholic based non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor in our community.  Feeding the hungry in our community is our primary mission.  Families in need receive love, compassion, free classes for self-development, as well as free food, shoes and clothing. 

    Looking for an energetic, pro-active, individual who will provide staff and program leadership, advance our programs, and expand our revenue base.  Candidates for this position should be a practicing Catholic, with a degree in a related field.  Fluency in Spanish is desirable.  Must have experience leading and managing a non-profit, employment at-will organization, with knowledge of federal, state, local laws and regulations applicable to a non-profit, volunteer-staffed organization.  The position is in Manassas, Virginia. Please send your resume to:   sandy.d6157@gmail.com