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3 hour wait for 10 seconds with the pope

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I saw Pope Francis today in his popemobile - after waiting with throngs of people lined up along the National Mall for more than 3 hours - for maybe 10 seconds.

Even though I only saw him briefly through the eye of my camera lens, it was a special moment I won't forget anytime soon.

Normally, I would avoid crowds that appear in Washington for such a momentous occasion as the pope's visit, but when I was asked to cover the papal parade for work, somehow that made jumping at the chance to do it more palatable to this "non-morning-I-hate-large-crowds" person.

The crowd included a mixture of families, religious, souvenir vendors, police, EMS, children, secret service, tourists and media - both with and without credentials like yours truly. All were vying for a chance to get a glimpse of and a blessing from Pope Francis, and hopefully capture a picture via their cell phone or camera to remember the day.

It was a crazy day with a lot of sitting around and waiting for a few brief moments to be a part of history.

I am proud to say I was there.

And it was totally worth the wait.

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