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A thank you to all Catholic school teachers

With the recent celebration of Catholic Schools Week, I want to acknowledge the dedication and sacrifice of all employees of Catholic schools. I am the mother of four boys and my children have had the blessing of being educated their whole lives at St. Francis of Assisi School in Triangle and now at Pope John Paul the Great High School in Dumfries.

Needless to say, all teachers in private or public schools are not fully compensated for the value they bring to society. I would like to speak to Catholic school workers, faculty and staff who sacrifice time and treasure, to a greater degree, in order to fulfill the mission of providing children and young adults with a quality education in a Christ-centered environment.

It has been my experience that the people who work in these schools each play a part in ensuring that the children receive a top-notch education while attending to the whole person in their dedication to religious instruction. Thank you for sacrificing your time, often beyond the typical work day and for less monetary reward, in order to fulfill the education of our children. Thank you for all those extracurricular activities you take on because you want to serve the mission of a Catholic school education.

All teachers work uncompensated time, but you do it for even less. If I could make you rich, I would. The best I can offer you is my gratitude. From the lunchroom worker to the administrative assistant, from the principal to the teachers and assistants in the classroom, from the maintenance staff to nurse, thank you and may our good Lord bless you always.

Josee Turner


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