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‘One Voice’, many teens at Precious Blood Church in Culpeper

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The average age of the music leadership drops into the teens once a month at Precious Blood Church in Culpeper.


"One Voice," a group of 15 musicians that leads music for Mass, began three years ago when Megan Canavan and Emma Haught were in the eighth grade.


“They wanted to use their gifts at their own parish to serve God and their community,” said Hannah Masson, director of music.


The music at the acoustic youth Mass includes guitars, percussion, bass, and a cajon — a wooden box drum — and is a mix of traditional, contemporary, bilingual and Latin music. The meditation song is always contemporary.


The group has grown from a small handful of youths wanting to serve but needing guidance with logistics. Now they take ownership by leading prayer, sharing ideas and working together.


The group provides "another way to praise God," according to Canavan.


The teens are bonded through their love of music and faith. “Everyone seems to enjoy each other at practices, laughing and talking,” said Masson.


The youths let the music speak for itself. "They want their music to be a channel for the Holy Spirit, so that those who are at Mass can go back out for the week either consoled or uplifted," said Masson.


Father Mark E. Moretti, parochial vicar, said though the group is young, the singers are veterans. “They’ve been doing this for several years,” he said. “They sing beautifully with great harmonies and a great amount of joy in their heart. That’s why they’re such an inspiration.”


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