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A Quiet Place Part II (Paramount)

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This follow-up drains away the suspense, analogies and underlying message about family bonds from the 2018 original in order to set up a franchise reminiscent of an immersive dystopian theme-park ride.

In the absence of the family patriarch he played last time out, returning director John Krasinski, who also takes over as sole screenwriter, puts the remaining members of the kickoff's clan -- mom Emily Blunt, deaf daughter Millicent Simmonds, son Noah Jupe and their infant brother -- through their paces as they continue to struggle against marauding alien invaders endowed with super-sensitive hearing but vulnerable to high-pitched frequencies that send them into paroxysms of pain. With nothing new to reveal about the intruders and their behavior, the sequel merely repeats familiar sci-fi tropes. Although Blunt's character turns out to be a pistol-packin' mama with impeccable aim and abundant ammo, there's not much on display stouthearted older adolescents won't be able to handle.

Watch out for: Gun and physical violence with fleeting gore.
Rated: A-III, adults. MPAA: PG-13

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