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Faith-affirming drama, based on real events, in which a strong-willed mother (Chrissy Metz) refuses to accept that her adoptive son (Marcel Ruiz) is doomed to die after falling through the ice on a frozen lake and her desperate prayers have a startling impact on his seemingly hopeless prognosis. As she keeps vigil at the boy's bedside, she gradually reconciles with the pastor (Topher Grace) of her church with whom she had been feuding while her husband (Josh Lucas) struggles to share her unshakeable belief in a positive outcome. Director Roxann Dawson's adaptation of Joyce Smith's 2017 memoir "The Impossible" (written with Ginger Kolbaba) benefits from Metz's driven performance and will have sympathetic viewers cheering her character on all the way. Tense but gratifying entertainment for all but the youngest moviegoers.

Watch out for: A perilous situation and mature themes.

Rated: A-II, adults and adolescents; MPAA: PG

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