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Game Night

Family values and much enjoyable humor are offset by numerous distasteful jokes and an excess of vulgar language in this comedy from directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. A competition-loving couple (Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams) find their usually placid game night transformed when his suave brother (Kyle Chandler) comes to town for a visit and arranges a fake kidnapping that the duo and their friends (Lamorne Morris, Kylie Bunbury, Billy Magnussen and Sharon Horgan) will have to vie with each other to solve. As the audience realizes before the characters do, something all-too-authentically criminal soon begins to unfold amid the entertainment. Though the film's premise rests on an unlikely coincidence, and a couple of its sight gags are quite gory, those few grownups for whom it makes suitable fare will note the portrayal of a strong marriage and a positive view of parenthood in Mark Perez's script.

Watch out for: Much sexual humor, more than a dozen uses of profanity and several milder oaths, pervasive rough and crude language.

Rated: L, limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling; MPAA: R

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