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Hell Fest

Nasty gorefest in which a real-life serial killer (Stephen Conroy) stalks the traveling horror carnival of the title, eventually targeting a college student (Amy Forsyth) as she, her date (Roby Attal) and two other couples (Reign Edwards, Christian James, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Matt Mercurio) wander among the macabre attractions. Director Gregory Plotkin serves up a decidedly unoriginal film filled with screams, sickening gore and an ax-wielding maniac. It's an extreme parade of mayhem moving toward a perverse conclusion and, as such, unsuitable for viewers of any age.

Watch out for: Graphic bloody violence with gore, images of nudity, sexual banter, two obscene gestures and pervasive profane and rough language.

Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: R

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