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Sordidly treated fact-based tale of two strip-club dancers (Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez) who, strapped for cash during the Great Recession, collaborate on a scheme to drug wealthy clients and max out their credit cards while they're helpless. In adapting a New York magazine article by Jessica Pressler, writer-director Lorene Scafaria tries to showcase the bonds of friendship and Hollywood's much-loved theme of the self-chosen family. But the attempt to justify financial exploitation by the sexually exploited and blame the whole thing on Wall Street rings hollow while the depiction of the two protagonists' professional milieu is tasteless in its lack of restraint.


Watch out for: Blurred values, including a debased view of human sexuality, frequent nudity, cohabitation, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, constant sexual references, a few uses of profanity, a couple of milder oaths, pervasive rough and crude language.


Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: R


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