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Jungle Cruise (Disney)

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In 1916 Brazil, an intrepid British researcher (Emily Blunt) forms an unlikely alliance with a fast-talking Amazon River steamboat captain (Dwayne Johnson) and, aided by her brother (Jack Whitehall), they set off in quest of a mystical tree the healing flowers of which she believes will revolutionize medicine. They're pursued by an eccentric German prince (Jesse Plemons) who thinks the same magic petals will give his homeland victory in World War I.

Adapted by director Jaume Collet-Serra from a theme park ride, the lighthearted adventure is mostly a diverting, if insubstantial, fantasy. But the gratuitous addition of a scene in which Whitehall's luxury-loving but good-hearted fop outs himself as gay and briefly parrots the LGBTQ party line, besides being wildly anachronistic, precludes endorsement for youthful viewers.

Watch out for: Much raucous but stylized violence, a benign view of homosexual acts, some scatological humor, about a half-dozen mild oaths, a suppressed crude expression. 
Rated: A-III, adults. MPAA: PG-13.

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