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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Follow-up to the 2015 reboot of a franchise that began with Steven Spielberg's blockbuster 1993 screen version of Michael Crichton's 1990 novel "Jurassic Park." With the last of the cloned dinosaurs at the heart of the series facing extinction due to a volcanic eruption, the former head (Bryce Dallas Howard) of the theme park that once featured them and an ex-trainer (Chris Pratt) from the same facility agree to help transport them to an isolated sanctuary. But there's a conspiracy afoot to abduct the outsized critters and use them as weapons. Beyond the refreshingly innocent, on-again, off-again romance between the two leads, and the dubious appeal of watching dinos run amok and chow down on the occasional extra, director J.A. Bayona's action adventure has little to offer.

Watch out for: Much animal violence with occasional gore and a few gruesome images, some gunplay, a couple of profanities and milder oaths, a single rough and several crude and crass terms.

Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG-13

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