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Born in China

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Directed and co-written by Lu Chuan, and narrated by John Krasinski, this entry in the Disneynature series rests on the tried and true premise that critters in the wild act just like humans when no one is (supposedly) watching. Animals are given names and personalities; complex family relationships are mapped; and every goofy moment is highlighted for comic relief. As winter approaches, a mother snow leopard fears for her two cubs as she struggles to maintain their food supply atop one of China's tallest peaks. Down in the forest, a golden snub-nosed monkey gets into all kinds of mischief, while a mother panda is perfectly content to sit and eat bamboo all day with her baby son at her side. The documentary may tug a bit too hard on the heartstrings at times. But the breathtaking cinematography, together with the total absence of anything objectionable, makes the film well worth the price of admission.


Rated: A-I, general patronage; MPAA: G


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