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A 7-year-old math prodigy (McKenna Grace) gets caught up in a custody battle between the easy-going uncle (Chris Evans) by whom she has been raised since her mother committed suicide during her infancy and her hard-driving grandmother (Lindsay Duncan). At issue is the degree to which she should forsake a normal life to concentrate on her studies. Director Marc Webb's endearing and well-acted drama, which also features Jenny Slate as the girl's caring teacher, is briefly marred by the young heroine's exposure to the aftermath of a bedroom encounter and her use of a vulgar expression. Though fleeting, these elements of Tom Flynn's script, together with some other adult fare, make what might have been a family-friendly movie into one exclusively suitable for grownups and perhaps older teens.


Watch out for: Nongraphic premarital sexual activity, mature references, including a suicide theme, a single rough term, a couple of uses each of crude and crass language.


Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG


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