Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

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A fun-loving grade schooler's (Jordana Beatty) plans for a super summer go awry when her two best friends (Garrett Ryan and Taylar Hender) take off on adventures of their own, leaving her in the company of a timid third pal (Preston Bailey), her Bigfoot-obsessed little brother (Parris Mosteller) and the aunt (Heather Graham) who comes to babysit when her parents are suddenly called out of town. While it conveys a worthwhile lesson about adapting to circumstances, director John Schultz's screen version of Megan McDonald's best-selling series of children's books feels as meandering and ultimately pointless as the search for Sasquatch to which too much of its screen time is devoted. And, though really objectionable material is absent, a childish potty gag does get carried to briefly queasy extremes.

Watch out for: Some scatological humor, a few mildly crass terms.

Rated: A-II; MPAA:PG

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